I'm back!

I am so happy to be home. Isn't it weird that no matter how much fun you are having it is ALWAYS nice to be in your own bed??!! Here I was in this great place with access to a pool and hot tub and I missed home! I did have a VERY restful time and was able to read a lot and just spend some alone time with God...I think I needed that more than even I knew! Being a single Mom takes A LOT out of you. I guess I have gotten so used to it I forgot what being rested felt like!! I was able to read A LOT and not for pleasure but for growth. It is amazing what I am still learning. I have been saved since I was 12 but the things God is showing me NOW just blow me away. I believe just being out of my situation and the strongholds being broken have freed me up to be the woman God created me to be... so WATCH OUT world;-) I am learning what my gifts are so I can be used and a couple of the books I read were on that. Interesting stuff. I won't go into all of that but God is doing so much in my life and my heart....I will never be the same:-) God is just soooooo amazing! And I am love all over again:-D

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Lisa writes... said...

For me, the best part of any trip is going home! Thanks for your comment on my site--I appreciate your words of encouragement!