Life is certainly never dull around here....

I know I have mentioned on here how MUCH I love the people in my church and how amazing my friends are so I have to share this week with ya....
Wednesday I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch and shopping when I was hit turning onto her street. The girl that hit me was a 17yo unlicensed driver and was driving a minivan. She hit the rear of my car going about 50mph spinning my car out of control. I only stopped when the rear of my car hit a curb and I lost a tire. I was terrified. Honestly I didn't even know what to do so I found my cell and hit last call. I left a crazy message with a friend saying I was in an accident. Anyway, we ended up talking and I told her what happened...in a confused daze..the poor thing! lol The girl I was going to see came running and her neighbor I AM (not) - Natalie Witcher showed up. My other friend, Merci, lived two streets over so she was there also. By the time the fire dept got me out and the ambulance took me to the hospital I had a whole bunch of people praying!! Prayer works people!! I was in the ER surrounded by love. This was written by one of the men in the church about the incident.
Spontaneous Expressions of Community
I saw an example of community yesterday. One of the ladies of our church was involved in a car accident and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room. We got word at the church of the accident, and I went quickly to see about her. When I got there, four women, three of whom were from our church, were already there. They were large and in charge. They were friends of the injured lady and were there, crying, laughing, and talking, but mostly caring.I was completely unnecessary, and it was awesome.No one was waiting for a pastor to appear to determine if anyone cared. No one waited for a career minister to pray and to begin to meet needs. No program was alerted. Women who have developed close relationship through fellowship and discipleship were displaying community without a conscious thought. When the doctor delivered the prognosis of lots of soreness but nothing broken, the ladies had a plan to take her home, see to her children's needs, prepare food, and help with any other issues that would arrive until insurance kicked in.You ladies already know who you are and you are awesome. I was completely impressed and blessed by your spontaneous expression of community in the emergency room yesterday. Bravo to you all.
That is the love I was shown. The friend I called on the phone is very dear to me and she went to tell my children what happened and take them to her house to swim. I knew she would keep them calm and when it happened all I wanted was for someone to get my children. Lots of things go through your head in an accident. When I left the ER one person brought me home, one shopped for groceries, one picked up my meds and there were people in place to take my kids to church. It was amazing. I was still sick from the meds and trauma so one of the ladies stayed with me so I wasn't alone. Today I had a migraine from the neck spasms so I was taken back to the hospital for different drugs and more tests...again people were just there and my kids were taken care of! Meals are in place, people are here and mostly importantly people are praying. I don't know what I am going to do about another car but I am sure God has a plan. He is taking care of me through His people right now so there is no room for doubt:-) I am sure God is smiling down on His people right now because THIS is the body of Christ in action. This is love people...this is ministry! And I am so blessed to be a part of it...so blessed.

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angela said...

Barbie, I just saw that your friend Jesica passed last week and I wanted to extend hugs and prayers to you...how have you been?