It's weather!!
Oh my gosh stop everything and take over the TV to show all the white stuff. I am cranky today so I will try to be nice but how many ways can you show the weather? Since I have been in Oklahoma I have seen them put down shovels, hats, upside down unbrellas to collect snow..they have scraped the ground, the cars, the railings and anything they can get their cameras near... I have seen people roll chairs and cameras outside to show you how quickly the snow/sleet can accumulate. I have seen weathermens eyes roll back in their heads while they described the snowflake that was frozen in the piece of ice that just fell on their jacket...can you get a close up Bob because THIS IS AMAZING stuff??!!...Today I saw a shirt on a hanger that they froze along with a VHS tape to the top of a car. What for?? And didn't we already have ICE STORM 2007? Should this be 2007 part B or 2007 part B subtopic A number 1? I really think my friend and I had the best idea last year when we discussed this...if you haven't read it you MUST because she is funny!!
Even my oldest got up and looked at the tv and said "we get it! there is white stuff on the ground! do we have to listen to this all day? I mean if I wanted to be a meterologist I might care BUT I DON'T".....oh it is going to be a LONG few days because THIS IS ONLY ROUND ONE OF TWO STORM SYSTEMS!!! TWO PEOPLE!!! Ok I think I need to find some chocolate:-P


Jesica said...

you should've gone to the store yesterday. LOL

Grace @ Rose Cottage Lane said...

Barbie - get used to it, girl. Just wait until Spring!! LOL Then it really gets going.

To quote Aaron Tuttle, former KOCO weatherman - it's life threatening when it's a tornado, everything else is for show. LOL

martie said...

One of my son-in-laws is in Missouri helping restore the power there. Hope you didn't get hit too hard........hang in there girl, it's bound to get better and the meteorologists are bound to get smarter regarding how much reporting needs to be done about snow/sleet/ice! LOL

Katie said...

I hope you still have power. We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday, luckilly avoided the ice.
I hope you had a fantastic birthday last week!


Merci said...

Unfortunately Martie, it doesn't get better LOL! I've lived here all my life and they just get SO EXCITED about WEATHER! All Weather All The TIME. Sorry Barbie, it's a way of life here - kind of like football. :)

Vickie said...

I am glad I re-discovered your blog. I had found it a year or so ago. I saw your post on Cindy Beall's tonight. I wanted to give you a shout out!

Hope you and your children are doing well.

Ame said...